Lungo Livigno Fashion


Lungolivigno Fashion opens its new concept store dedicated to the male universe on July 27th. A destination with a unique design, able to offer a completely transversal assortment of clothing and accessories.

Renewing the identity of Livigno’s first emporium and projecting it into the multi-channel era was not an easy challenge. To do this, Lungolivigno Fashion’s team went back to rediscover its own roots in order to give continuity to a path of uninterrupted development, which for more than seven decades has made Lungolivigno a key brand in Italy’s fashion retail.

Faithful to this profound, sentimental and strategic choice, the new look of the legendary “Da Giuseppina 1941” has been entrusted to the wise mind of Oliviero Baldini, who has been able to transform the symbolic elements of the mountain into the cornerstones of a brand new architectural project that harmoniously manages to bring together innovation and tradition. “Memory and future – says the architect – I wanted to develop a project based on these elements that could enhance the genius loci of Livigno. Our objective was, therefore, to transform this historic home into a living organism, constantly evolving, in which nature projects itself towards the future, merging its own force, represented by the forest and wood, with the contemporaneity of design and technology.”

The result of this journey, thanks to the refined selection of Lungolivigno Fashion buyers, is a destination with a unique design, dedicated to the contemporary man, able to offer a completely transversal assortment of clothing and accessories. On its three floors, the brand-new “Lungolivigno Fashion Man” – this is the name that from today will identify the historic store in Via Dala Gesa 711 – will host the best of the whole universe of men’s fashion. From the first lines of luxury brands to high-end specialists, contemporary brands, and up to elevated streetwear and new classic. All to bring together quality, heritage, experimentation, research and performance.

All this will allow each customer to have a unique sensory journey thanks to the countless top brands that make up the increasingly rich selection of what immediately intends to establish itself as one of the temples of men’s fashion in northern Italy.